Sunday, April 10, 2022

Palm Sunday - The Last Sunday of Lent


Humor aside, this Sunday begins Holy Week - the week that changed the world! This week begins with Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, on Sunday, and by Holy or Maundy Thursday they have arrested Him and the next day, Good Friday, they have hung Him on the Cross.

Meditations for the Week

Today we think of Jesus' glory and recognition as the Messiah, gather your palms and after Mass take them home and display them for the year. They will be returned to the church a week or two before Ash Wednesday and burned - their ashes then used on Ash Wednesday.

Thursday, Holy Thursday, or Maundy Thursday - Jesus is celebrating Passover with the Apostles. Later this night He goes to Gethsemene to pray. Jesus knows what is coming and He pleads with the Father that this cup may pass if it be the Father's will - but not His own will. He prays so hard that He sweats blood. It is here that Judas betrays Him with a kiss and Jesus is arrested and taken off to Caiphas.

Friday, before Pontius Pilate, Jesus is sentenced to death on the Cross. He is taken out and forced to carry His Cross to Golgatha - the hill of the skull. He is crucified, died, and is buried.

Lent is coming to an end.

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