20 Years Blogging!

Well, I'm not sure what happened to this article! It was posted on October 1st, (the anniversary of the first blog post is October 18th, 2002), and somehow it all but disappeared! So, I am rewriting it and republishing it now.

In 1966 my father-in-law, Francis, (who became my father-in-law in 1981) started the Arizona Catholic Truth Society, or ACTS for short. This was, as we call it today, a "snail-mail" group. He had many subscribers and he sent out a monthly newsletter. 

In 1988, shortly after my conversion to the Catholic Faith, I was starting an apologetics apostolate of my own and was looking for a good name (Proverbs 22:1) and Francis offered me "ACTS" as he was no longer active in his mailing list. I like the name and accepted his offer to take it over. I started the ACTS Email list in 1988. Within a year or two, ACTS was going nationwide, actually worldwide, so I changed from "Arizona Catholic Truth Society" to the "American Catholic Truth Society." ACTS continues to this day as a website and host to several forums, including this one, Qui Locutus.

Qui Locutus was originally started in October of 1992 as the "CathApol Blog." However, my nickname was also "CathApol" and I was not the only one blogging here, so in 2017 I renamed the blog to Qui Locutus, which is taken from the Apostles Creed in Latin "qui locutus est per prophetas" ("who spoke through the prophets") so in short, the name means "Who Spoke."

Outside participation has slowed here in the last few year, I think mostly due to my going back to school in 2016, receiving my masters degree in 2018, and the same year I started working on my doctorate - which as of this writing is nearly complete (working on my dissertation). Hopefully things will pick up again soon - but if you are reading along and see something you wish to comment on, PLEASE DO! Do not wait for me to finish the doctorate! I still jump in as I can and post things of interest to me - and I hope to you too. 

May God bless all those who read along here and guide them to the fullness of Truth - which can only be found in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.


Scott Windsor<<<

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