Stations for CATHOLIC World Youth Day

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I have copied and replied to the text here:
Sydney, May. 29, 2008 ( - World Youth Day organizers in Sydney, Australia, have altered the traditional pattern for the Stations of the Cross in a bow to ecumenical and inter-religious sensibilities, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.
We should write our bishops and Rome too and ask them not to
allow our Faith to be watered down in the name of this false
ecumenism. True ecumenism does not mean we change our
Faith! Afterall - this is the CATHOLIC World Youth Day, NOT
the inter-religious World Youth Day!

Catholics need to be CATHOLIC and not be ashamed of our
Faith! We need to NOT hide our Light under a bushel!

Instead of the usual 14 stations, the Stations of the Cross that will take place in Sydney on July 18 will be a shortened version, "founded entirely on passages from the New Testament," the Morning Herald says. Stations based on pious tradition, such as those recalling Christ's falling three times, and Veronica wiping his face, will not be included. The choice of an exclusively Scriptural approach is intended to appeal to other Christian groups, organizers say.
Let such "appeals" happen at OTHER events! If this is a CATHOLIC
gathering - don't make our youth think there's something "wrong" or
feel like they can't BE Catholic!
The text for the Stations of the Cross has also been chosen to avoid language that might offend Jews or inflame anti-Semitic feelings. Bishop Anthony Fisher, the chief organizer for World Youth Day in Sydney, explained: "In the choice of scriptural texts you can choose ones that are less likely to be misinterpreted by people to encourage that kind of feeling and we've chosen those texts carefully and in consultation with others."
Again, we're CATHOLIC - our youth is CATHOLIC. This gathering
is NOT about Jews or any other religious group! It SHOULD be
about Catholic kids learning to love and LIVE their CATHOLIC


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