Sports Is Not the End-All

When I opened my browser today a news story popped up asking "Whatever happened to Villanova basketball star Shelly Pennefather? Subtitle: "So I made this deal with God." The author of the article, Elizabeth Merrill ponders, "But I cannot grasp what Pennefather -- now Sister Rose Marie -- has chosen to do." Ms. Merrill, Sr. Rose Marie has chosen something bigger - there is really no comparison! She would have been a flash in the pan for a few years, providing she didn't get hurt, and then what? She chose to store up her treasures in Heaven than to have temporal riches here on Earth. For what does it profit for one to gain the whole world and lose their soul? (Mark 8:36).

What Happened to Our Sunday Best?

It wasn't that long ago that when you were going to somewhere special you made sure you dressed in your "Sunday best" so as to not be an embarrassment to yourself or your family. For women, they wore dresses (below the knee) and covered their heads, even in Protestant churches - women typically wore a nice hat.  Men would wear a suit and tie. What does "your Sunday best
mean today?  Often at Mass one will see people in t-shirts, sports jerseys, jeans or shorts and women, if they wear a dress at all (as opposed to pants) it is often a short skirt. In traditional chapels (of the Extraordinary Rite) the dress tends to be more conservative, but even there most men are not wearing suits (though many are).

What's the point here?  If you were called to dine at the White House, would you show up in a t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes?  I think not!  In fact, you likely would not even be allowed to enter if not in proper attire for the dinner. When we attend Mass we are in the presence - the Real Presence - of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ - the King of Kings! Should we not be appropriately dressed to be in His Presence?  Some may grumble at this and think me a "fuddy-dutty" but I am reminded of one of Jesus' parables of the Wedding Feast,
and the one who showed up without a wedding garment (Matthew 22:1-14), that man was bound and thrown out into the darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Those same grumblers will then be saying, "you're not to take that passage so literally!" But should we not exemplify the importance of being properly attired when we are at the Eucharistic Feast?  Are we being respectful of our Lord when we show up in purely casual dress?  

What are your thoughts?

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