Pope Francis on Hell

(Picture from ABC: http://abcmundial.com/en/2018/03/31/world/society/vatican-pope-did-not-say-there-is-no-hell)
Now that cooler heads have come forth - it is clear, Pope Francis did not deny the existence of Hell. In fact, several times he not only affirmed it, but warns us about what happens if we're separated from Christ at our death. A quote from Aleteia (speaking to the Mafia) he said in 2014:
“Convert! There is still time, so that you don’t end up in hell. That is what awaits you if you continue on this path. You had a father and a mother: think of them. Cry a little and convert.”
Also quoted in Aleteia from his 2016 Lenten message:
“The danger always remains that by a constant refusal to open the doors of their hearts to Christ who knocks on them in the poor, the proud, rich and powerful will end up condemning themselves and plunging into the eternal abyss of solitude which is hell.”
It must be made clear too... Pope Francis, even in a Lenten message, is not defining a Catholic teaching - he's speaking his theological opinion. The point is, Pope Francis does believe there is a Hell and has stated so.

If you read more articles, and objectively consider Mr. Scalfari, the atheist "friend" of Pope Francis, it is clear that Scalfari did not use quotes - he used his own words and has freely admitted he, at times, has put words into the Pope's mouth. 

Move along, people, there's nothing interesting here.

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