Good Friday Evening

Good Friday evening, the Sun has set, for Jews the Sabbath has begun - and nearly 2000 years ago on this day - God Rested..

From the very creation of the world, and in His foreknowledge, God Himself prepared the Sabbath Day - the Day of Rest - knowing one day it would be HIS Day of Rest.

Our Lord, Crucified...  Have mercy on us.

Today, Good Friday, we celebrate your ultimate Sacrifice and it is THAT same Sacrifice which is commemorated at every valid Mass. Mystically we are brought to the foot of Calvary through the Mass and are witnesses to Your Sacrifice, though now seen in an unbloody way, but it is still that same Sacrifice that we, through the Mystery of Faith, are brought to.

I heard a song today, for the first time and well - it was just published in February of this year - but I heard Andrew Peterson describe what was going through his head when he wrote it, and it brought tears to my eyes.

The Sabbath He made for us - He also knew would be for Himself as well... and God Rested...

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