Church Councils

Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church

The fact the Church met in councils, right from the very beginning - the first one being the Council at Jerusalem, recorded in Acts 15 (took place about 50 AD), and these councils have continued in the Church right up into the modern era - this is a testimony of the trueness of the Catholic Church - which no other church can even come close to (exception, the Orthodox, who were part of the first ecumenical councils of the Church all the way up to 1054 AD).

Year: 325 

Year: 381

Seventh Ecumenical Council - Nice II
Year: 787 

Eighth Ecumenical Council - Constantinople IV
Year: 869 

Ninth Ecumenical Council - Lateran Council I 
Year: 1123 

Tenth Ecumenical Council - Lateran Council II 
Year: 1139 

Eleventh Ecumenical Council - Lateran Council III 
Year: 1179 

Twelfth Ecumenical Council - Lateran Council IV 
Year: 1215 

Thirteenth Ecumenical Council - First Council of Lyons 
Year: 1245 

Fourteenth Ecumenical Council - Second Coucil of Lyons 
Year: 1274

Fifteenth Ecumenical Council Council of Vienne 
Years: 1311-1313 

Sixteenth Ecumenical Council - Constance
Years: 1414-1418 

Seventeenth Ecumenical Council:
Basel - 1431-37
Ferrara/Florence - 1438-45

Eighteenth Ecumenical Council - LATERAN COUNCIL V
Years: 1512-1517 

Nineteenth Ecumenical Council - Trent
Years: 1545-1563 

Twentieth Ecumenical Council - Vatican I
Years: 1869-1870 

Twenty First Ecumenical Council - Vatican II
Years: 1962-1965

Non-Ecumenical Councils/Synods

The Council of Trullo - at Constantinople (Orthodox)
Year: 692

Decrees of the Eastern Orthodox Synod of Jerusalem
Year: 1672

(More to come)

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