Church Councils

Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church

Year: 325 

Year: 381

Seventh Ecumenical Council - Nice II
Year: 787 

Eighth Ecumenical Council - Constantinople IV
Year: 869 

Ninth Ecumenical Council - Lateran Council I 
Year: 1123 

Tenth Ecumenical Council - Lateran Council II 
Year: 1139 

Eleventh Ecumenical Council - Lateran Council III 
Year: 1179 

Twelfth Ecumenical Council - Lateran Council IV 
Year: 1215 

Thirteenth Ecumenical Council - First Council of Lyons 
Year: 1245 

Fourteenth Ecumenical Council - Second Coucil of Lyons 
Year: 1274

Fifteenth Ecumenical Council Council of Vienne 
Years: 1311-1313 

Sixteenth Ecumenical Council - Constance
Years: 1414-1418 

Seventeenth Ecumenical Council:
Basle - 1431-37
Ferrara/Florence - 1438-45

Eighteenth Ecumenical Council - LATERAN COUNCIL V
Years: 1512-1517 

Nineteenth Ecumenical Council - Trent
Years: 1545-1563 

Twentieth Ecumenical Council - Vatican I
Years: 1869-1870 

Twenty First Ecumenical Council - Vatican II
Years: 1962-1965

Non-Ecumenical Councils/Synods

The Council of Trullo - at Constantinople (Orthodox)
Year: 692

Decrees of the Eastern Orthodox Synod of Jerusalem
Year: 1672

(More to come)

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