Scott Update

 Hi All!

It's been a little while since my last update, but it's time now!


In July a colonoscopy found cancer in my colon.

August 11, I had surgery to remove 18 inches of my colon. He also took out 13 lymph nodes (and for good measure, my appendix!), one of the 13 lymph nodes showed cancer as well. Then came recovery from surgery.

Last week I got the results back from a CT of my chest, my lungs are clear of cancer! Previous CT of the abdomen, prior to surgery, showed the liver is clear of cancer too! If the cancer spread to other organs, the next place is usually the liver or the lungs.

October 5, I am scheduled to begin chemotherapy to remove any microscopic cancer cells which may remain. Chemo will be every 2 weeks for 12 sessions (6 months).

Your continued prayers are much appreciated!

In Christ,




Laying On of Hands

Laying on of hands to pass the Holy Ghost upon others. This was the subject of Pastor Greg Laurie the morning of August 28, 2022. I happened to have NewsMax on in my bedroomand his broadcast came on. Laurie spoke about the laying on of hands, but "missed it by that much!"

The laying on of hands is part of the Rite of Confirmation - and is done solely under the auspices of a valid bishop (a priest can do it with permission from his bishop). So while Laurie had it partially correct, the Holy Ghost IS passed on through the laying on of hands, not just anyone has the authority to do this.

Feast of the Assumption

 The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - another example of "not-so-ordinary" days! These are COUNTING days - and...