Disciples not Fans

What the world needs is disciples, not fans of Jesus Christ.

A fan really likes Jesus, supports Jesus even keeps up with going to church and hearing Jesus - but a disciple is committed to Jesus (Guarendi, 2019). Are you committed to Jesus Christ and the Church He founded on The Twelve Apostles - our first bishops? Or, are you a fan - who really likes Jesus Christ, you even go to "a" church every week - but not necessarily one in communion with a bishop in apostolic succession from The Twelve? Maybe you like singing along with Christian singers and even go to a really "happening" worship service - well, all that is great for a "fan" - but there is more to being a disciple.

Why Choose the Catholic Church? Because the System Works!

Choices, the Church says do it this way but we want to do things our way.  It is like the car manufacturer saying, "this is your car, it runs on gasoline" but  we decide that salt water is cheaper, "I want my car to run on salt water." Going against the advice of the manufacturer is not a good choice! (Richards, 2019). Again, Jesus selected twelve disciples, the Apostles and our first bishops and taught them how He wanted His Church to be run. He told them how to take regular bread and wine, bless them and then declare them to be His body and His blood - not representations of body and blood, He said, "This IS My body" and "This IS My blood." And then He commanded them to do as He has done. Recalling what He did was select bishops, so they were to select bishops to come after them and spread His Church throughout the whole world. THESE were the instructions from the Manufacturer of the world - and each of us! So, is it wise to go and follow someone or some teaching which is not in communion with one of these bishops? Or worse, separated in protest (where we get the word "Protestant" from) from those bishops?

If you are seeking to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ, do not stop with the humanistic pleasures found in many places of worship - but continue seeking until you find THE Church which Jesus Christ founded upon Twelve Chosen Ones - who did as He commanded, and continued to build the Church which Jesus Himself started.


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