First Sunday of Lent

On this, the First Sunday of Lent, let us call into mind the supernatural power of how to get to Heaven. Without this power, we cannot get to Heaven - without this power, we fall - and will fall into the depths of Hell. So ask yourself, what IS this power? And next ask, if you HAVE this power within you? 

That power is Sanctifying Grace - the FREE GIFT from God to SAVE YOUR SOUL! Without Sanctifying Grace you CANNOT get to Heaven... it is THE MEANS which God provided for us to get to Heaven. If you have fallen out of the State of Sanctifying Grace and were to die - you will NOT go to Heaven, your soul will be LOST for ALL ETERNITY. What must YOU do? Accept this FREE GIFT!

This is why it is so important to remain diligent in our Faith through the means of Sanctifying Grace which Jesus Christ provided for His Church. Through any other means or rationalizations outside the Church, you are only fooling yourself. There are NO OTHER MEANS other than that which Jesus Christ provided through His Church. Those means are the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church. 

A Sacrament is, as we learn from catechism, "an outward sign, instituted by Christ, to bestow Sanctifying Grace. The primary Sacrament to restore Sanctifying Grace is the Sacrament of Confession (aka, Penance and Reconciliation). From this Sacrament we are open to receiving the other Sacraments, most notably the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Regular reception of these two Sacraments can keep our souls in that state of Sanctifying Grace.

Let us make a conscious effort this Lent to make a habit out of going to Confession and Holy Eucharist.

Quadragesima - Lent

Quadragesima, more commonly known as "Lent" has begun with Ash Wednesday.

This is a season of penance. One's lenten penance does not need to be draconian, but it should be something one would normally do, and then when you would have done this thing, ate or drank this consumable, it is time to reflect on the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness before entering his Passion, death and resurrection. It is also a time to reflect upon His Passion, especially the suffering and death He endured to redeem us from our sins. He did all that, endured all that, FOR YOU!

For your lenten penance, you do not want to make it so difficult that you cannot complete the 40 days successfully. Sometimes even simple things get very difficult toward the end of Lent. One year I gave up "dark sodas." I could drink Sprite, 7Up, Mountain Dew, etc., but no colas or Dr. Pepper, or the like. At first it was, I admit, rather easy, but by the end of Lent - I wanted a "dark soda" so badly, that it did become a bit tough - but an even greater opportunity to reflect and meditate on Christ's sufferings that He wen through for me.

If you wish to share, please do! What are you giving up for Lent this year, or perhaps share a previous lenten penance you have gone through.

Quinquagesima Sunday

Quinquagesima Sunday - meaning it is approximately 50 days until Easter. It is also the last Sunday of the Season of Septuagesima and the last Sunday before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

In the Gospel for today, again in the Extraoridnary Rite, Jesus heals the blind man on the side of the road who pleads for Jesus, Son of David to have mercy on him. Jesus hears him and tells him that his faith has healed him, and restores his sight.

For today's Epistle, we have the teaching on charity or love:

(1 Corinthians 13. 1-13) Brethren, If I speak with the tongues of men and of Angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal. And if I should have prophecy, and should know all mysteries and all knowledge: and if I should have all faith so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. And if I should distribute all my goods to feed the poor, and if I should deliver my body to be burned and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing. Charity is patient, is kind: Charity envieth not, dealing not perversely, is not puffed up, is not ambitious, seeketh not her own, is not provoked to anger, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth with the truth: beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity never falleth away: whether prophecies shall be made void, or tongues shall cease, or knowledge shall be destroyed. For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But when I became a man, I put away the things of a child. We see now through a glass in a dark manner: but then face to face. Now I know in part: but then I shall know even as I am known. And now there remain faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Of note, this is yet another scriptural teaching against sola fide (faith alone). For faith, if it is alone, is nothing - and faith without charity is nothing. For a true saving faith, it will be accompanied by good works, of which love, or charity, is one. If one does not have charity in their heart, which is part of saving grace, then faith or believing accomplishes nothing - for even the devils believe in Jesus Christ, but that belief does not save them.


Sexagesima Sunday!

Today is Sexagesima Sunday! Sexagesima means "60 days" which is roughly what we have until Easter. This is part of the Season of Septuagesima - which is not officially celebrated in the "Ordinary Rite" - however is still observed in the "Extraordinary Rite" as a preparation for Lent.

Today's Gospel reading (Extraordinary Rite) is the Parable of the Sower, Luke 8:4-15 -

At that time, when a very great
multitude was gathered together and
hastened out of the cities unto Jesus,
He spoke by a similitude: The sower
went out to sow his seed: and as he
sowed, some fell by the wayside, and
it was trodden down, and the fowls of
the air devoured it. And other some fell
upon a rock: and as soon as it was
sprung up, it withered away, because
it had no moisture. And other some fell
among thorns, and the thorns growing
up with it choked it. And other some
fell upon good ground: and being  
sprung up yielded fruit a hundredfold.
Saying these things, He cried out: He
that hath ears to hear, let him hear.
And His disciples asked Him what this
parable might be. To whom He said:
To you it is given to know the mystery
of the kingdom of God, but to the rest
in parables: that seeing they may not
see, and hearing may not understand.
Now the parable is this. The seed is
the word of God
. And they by the
wayside are they that hear: then the
devil cometh and taketh the word out
of their heart, lest believing they
should be saved. Now they upon the
rock are they who, when they hear,
receive the word with joy; and these
have no roots: for they believe for a
while, and in time of temptation they
fall away. And that which fell away
among thorns are they who have
heard and, going their way, are
choked with the cares and riches and
pleasures of this life, and yield no fruit.
But on the good ground are they who
in a good and perfect heart, hearing
the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit
in patience.

And again, we have the denial of OSAS! Those who represent the seed which fell upon the rocks, they "hear, receive the Word with joy... and in time of temptation fall away." You cannot "fall away" from something you were not part of! OSAS is DENIED! The same holds true for those who represent the seed which fell among the thorns - distracted by the "cares, riches and pleasures of this life... yield no fruit."




The Season of Septuagesima


The Season of Septuagesima starts with Septuagesima Sunday and lasts through Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday - and the beginning of the Season of Lent. Of note, the icon in the picture above is an Eastern icon. The Season of Great Lent for Orthodox Christians this year began on February 6th and lasts through Easter Sunday - which again, is a different date than Latin Rite Catholics. Orthodox Easter this year is on April 16th, and for Latin Rite Catholics (and most all other Christian sects) Easter is celebrated on April 9th (more on the date(s) of Easter in a later post during the Lenten season).

For Latin Rite Catholics the pre-Lent season of Septuagesima includes Sexigesima Sunday and Quinquagesima Sunday (60 and 50 days, respectively, and not precisely, before Easter). Of note, in 1969 Pope Paul VI removed the Season of Septuagesima from the liturgical calendar, however in the Extraordinary Rite - this season is still recognized and celebrated.

Septuagesima includes the denial of Once Saved, Always Saved (OSAS), and this declaration, being an Epistle and scriptural reading, makes it very difficult for one to adhere to this anti-scriptural teaching! Of course, I am referring to St. Paul's lesson on "running to win the race..." from 1 Cor. 9:24-27 - and in verse 27 where he points out that even he, the Apostle, St. Paul, after preaching the Gospel, could be disqualified from the prize (eternal life with God and the Saints)! If you have a valid and respectful argument for OSAS, I encourage you to post it in the comments below, and we can discuss this further. Even in the game of Monopoly ®Parker Brothers, the card can be "sold!" 

Your comments and respectful valid arguments are encouraged in the comments below.


 Wow!, I let this one sneak up on me! It is now Septuagesima Season!

Septuagesima - 70 days - (not precisely) before Easter. The Septuagesima Season takes us to Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. However, especially in the Extraordinary Rite, the vestments have already changed back to purple - as this is a season of penance in preparation for Lent.

This season includes Sexagesima (60 days) and Quinquagesima, (50 days) before Easter.

More to follow!

The Synod on Synodality

In a commentary on the National Catholic Register by Fr. Raymond J. de Souza he presents that Cardinal McElroy has been arguing to overturn core Catholic teachings and that the synod is the correct place to do this. 

What is the purpose behind overturning "core Catholic teachings?" That asked, let me also ask, is the synod also the place to destroy the arguments for overturning "core Catholic teachings?" Are there any grassroots efforts going on prior to these proposed synodal meetings (one this fall, 2023, and another in October 2024) to stand UP for "core Catholic teachings?" What can WE do, as Catholic faithful, to support "core Catholic teachings" and influence these synods to "stand fast; and hold the traditions you have learned" (2 Thes. 2:25)? 

Your comments greatly appreciated...


de Souza, R.J. (2023). The cat's out of the bag now, with the Synod on Synodality. National Catholic Register. 


 It is Candlemas!

Christmastide has ended... Epiphany continues until Ash Wednesday, when we start the Season of Lent.

 Candlemas celebrates the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple as well as the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


Who Founded the Catholic Church?

 Quite simply put:

I snagged this from a Facebook post by Dr. Taylor Marshall...

Mic drop!
Do you believe you have a valid argument against this? Post it in the comments below!

Christmastide is ALMOST over!

Tomorrow is Candlemas - it is the last time in the lectionary (extraordinary rite) that the infancy of Jesus is mentioned for this liturgical year (Feast of the Presentation of Jesus and the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary). See Luke 2:22-40.

With Candlemas Christmastide is officially ended. We are still in the Season of Epiphany until Lent begins, which is February 22nd this year. So, one last time for this liturgical year...


Feast of the Assumption

 The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - another example of "not-so-ordinary" days! These are COUNTING days - and...