Pray for Peace

A plea has come to my attention, one that asks for Catholics to take action, and if we blog, we are to comment in our blog. The plea comes from a Traditional Catholic site, and the plea is, IMHO, very anti-semetic. I will not provide links to that site, nor will I mention the name. What I will do is encourage Catholics to pray for peace in the Middle-East. Pray for the plight of our Maronite brothers and sisters in Lebanon especially. Do penance, prayer and fasting, as our Holy Father asked for last Sunday.

We, sitting behind our computer screens in the comfort of air conditioned homes in the United States, must also be careful not to just buy into the propaganda from ANY side in this debate. How culpable are the residents of Lebanon in their silence while the Hezbollah build up tens of thousands of terrorist weapons? The short-range rockets have very little true military use - they are meant to shoot "toward" a city-sized target (civilians) in hopes they may hit something which will cause terror among the targeted people. They are not precise enough to be used against any valid military target.

In researching this article I also found some accusing the media (in general) of lying regarding the taking of hostages by Hezbollah. The claim they are making is that these soldiers were allegedly "arrested" in Lebanon. I have a couple problems (at least) with that claim. 1) Hezbollah is not the Lebaneese police. 2) Those Israeli soldiers were attacked, one was killed and two were taken hostage with the demand for a "prisoner exchange." The anti-semetic article overlooks these facts.


Clearing the Smoke of Satan?

It appears there will be several changes to the Catholic liturgy! These changes will take time to impliment. We probably won't see any for up to a couple years, but some of them seem to be well motivated and moving in the right direction.

Does anyone have a list of all the changes being proposed?

A few I've heard of:

"Credo" will be properly translated to "I believe" ("We believe," if I am conjugating correctly, would be "credomus").

"Et cum spiritu tuo" will be properly translated to "And with your spirit" (not "and also with you").

More Latin will be used.

More Gregorian chant will be used.

Several bishops argued to get "and for all" put back to "and for many" (at the consecration of the wine into the Blood of Christ), but (for now) that has been shot down.


Feast of the Assumption

 The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - another example of "not-so-ordinary" days! These are COUNTING days - and...