First Sunday in Advent!


Today is the First Sunday in Advent! 

We begin the to prepare ourselves for the celebration of the First Coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

What IS Advent?

As stated above, it is a preparatory time. Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus at the Christ Mass (aka: Christmas) and Advent is the season to prepare us for the Christ Mass. 

Advent is often compared to a "Little Lent" as this preparatory time is a time of penance and reflection. The liturgical color is purple, just like Lent too - for that reason. What little sacrifices can you make during this season to remind you of the First Coming of our Lord?

What Advent IS NOT!

Advent is NOT the Season of Christmas! Christmas begins with the Christ Mass - or the First Mass of Christmas. So during the Advent Season, consider responding to people who wish you a Merry Christmas, before Christmas has begun, with "And a Blessed Advent to you!"

Offended by "Happy Holidays?"

Well, DON'T BE! "Holidays" is short for "Holy Days" - so when someone wishes you "Happy Holidays" they are (whether they are a aware or not) wishing you to have Happy Holy Days! You might consider responding with, "Thank you, and may your Holy Days be special too!"

Some argue that they are "taking Christ out of Christmas" - but that is not true! First off, as already stated, it is NOT Christmas yet! These are the Holy Days which lead UP TO Christmas! In the context of the liturgical year, Christ isn't here yet, so how can you be removing Him?


Yes! In the Church year, today is the first day of the new liturgical year! So, Happy New Year!

My Anniversary Too!

November 27, 1981 - I married Katherine Marks - and we have had 41-derful years together! Here's to the start of year 42 and even more wonderful years to come - Lord willing!


Cardinal Zen

Cardinal Zen was found guilt by a Hong Kong court, but fortunately did not have to go to prison (this time) instead he received a fine. Still his stance had been for the religious freedom of Catholics in China, and is not being supported by Pope Francis. See below for what Dr. Marshall has to say about this...


Dr. Taylor Marshall on the Cardinal Zen situation in China and how he is being treated by Pope Francis.

Quoting from CNN, they ignorantly referred to Cardinal Zen as “former bishop.” How can such a large news organization make such a mistake? The mark of bishop is indelible, as a cardinal, he’s still a bishop.

Bishop Georg Bätzing

Bishop Georg Bätzing - a leader among Catholic bishops in Germany is making comments in direct opposition to Catholic teaching on the matter of sexual relationships.

The teaching of the Catholic Church is pretty clear, sexual relationships are reserved to married, male and female - period. Having sex before marriage is called fornication, and it is a condemned sin - always has been and always will be - regardless of what bishops in Germany may want to "teach."

Likewise, homosexual acts are outright condemned in both Scripture and Church teaching as "an abomination to the Lord." Yet, Bishop Georg Bätzing is saying:

“no one” adhered to the Church’s teaching that sexuality should only be practiced within marriage, saying: “That’s true. And we have to somewhat change the Catechism on this matter. Sexuality is a gift from God. And not a sin.”

Asked if same-sex relationships were permissible, the German prelate replied: “Yes, it’s OK if it’s done in fidelity and responsibility. It doesn’t affect the relationship with God.”

No, Bishop Bätzing, no matter how you justify or rationalize - sex outside of marriage is a sin. Just because a majority of society partakes in sex outside of marriage does not make it "right." God has ALWAYS condemned extra-marital sex and just because there is a movement afoot to try and change Catholic teaching on this matter cannot change the entire history of God's Word and the Church! It is a sin which can be forgiven, but not overlooked.

Round 4 Is In The Books!


OK, chemotherapy started for me on October 5, 2022 and last week I completed Round 4 (of 12) chemotherapy treatments.

So far, so good! My only side-effect has been hyper-sensitivity to cold in my fingers, toes, and mouth. Cold air or touching anything cold turns my fingers into pin-and-needles, I can barely touch anything until I warm up my hands again. In the mouth, if I attempt to drink cold milk or any cold liquid, it feels like someone put some electrified steel wool in my mouth around my lips and the tip of my tongue - and then again in the back of my throat, making it difficult to swallow. Anything room temperature or warm to hot, I can drink/eat just fine. 

I am not "losing" my hair, but it is thinning a bit, my wife has noticed - and I can tell too, to a point. I'm not supposed to lose my hair, but the doctor did say it will likely thin a bit.

Anyway, I am one third of the way through treatments now. When I am half-way through he plans to send me in for a PET scan to see how things are going on the inside. As mentioned earlier, the CT scans of my chest and abdomen did not show any signs of cancer spreading to other organs.


With God's help, and your prayers of support!

The 24th and Last Sunday After Pentecost

Today is the last Sunday of the liturgical year!  Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent! What are some of your Advent family practices?

In the Extraordinary Rite, the Gospel is a lesson and teaching of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. So we end the year with the end of the world, and next week we start the new year with anticipation of His First Coming.

In the Ordinary Rite, today was the celebration of Christ the King, which is similar to the ancient tradition since with the Second Coming, He will return in glory and as King!

Feast of the Assumption

 The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - another example of "not-so-ordinary" days! These are COUNTING days - and...