Junk Science is Not Our Stance

"Junk Science" is not Our Stance

A Response by Scott Windsor

Just a note, someone subscribed me (and I
immediately unsubscribed) to an email group
which promotes "Dirt" - and in this first
email I got from them, the following article
appears. I would have just forwarded the
initial email, but the sidebar had several
quite inappropriate pictures (and I am being
quite polite in that description).

I just felt we all should be aware of what
has come from the Vatican recently and the
outcry against it. Some of which, I have
to admit, is justified if Cardinal Trulillo
really said the things he's attributed to

> A high ranking Cardinal has revealed a stunning,
> world-wide tactic in the Roman Catholic Church's
> quest to curb rampant prophylactic abuse among
> AIDS-fearing Catholics from the AIDS-ravaged
> continent of Africa.
> In a recent interview with the BBC, Cardinal Alfonso
> "A-Lo" Lopez Trujillo declared that condoms not only
> do nothing to prevent AIDS, using them actually
> increases one's chances of becoming infected with
> HIV.

Well, we have to agree and disagree with that statement.
Condoms do seem to prevent the AIDS virus from
being transmitted IF the condomn is used throughout
the ENTIRE "marriage act" (let's call it what it is)
BUT, the accuracy is in the fact that if MORAL
CATHOLICS are involved here, there is NO CHANCE of
AIDS among celebate or monogamous married Catholics!
(Not considering a potential tainted blood transfusion,
which a condom doesn't stop either). AIDS is primarily
spread through IMMORALITY! Either through illegal drug
use or non-monogamous participation in "the marriage act."
This, coupled with the fact that to a Catholic the use of
a condomn is ALSO an immoral act. You don't NEED a
condomn if you are a moral person and so is your spouse!

If we take tainted blood transfusions into consideration,
we STILL can trace the tainting of that blood to an
immoral act, somewhere. AIDS does not naturally occur
between moral couples, period.

> "The AIDS virus is roughly 450 times smaller than the
> spermatozoon," the scientifically ignorant cretin
> embarrassingly pontificated. "The spermatozoon can
> easily pass through the net that is formed by the
> condom."

Well, it is true - that a properly working condom does
prevent spermatazoa from getting through. The problem
is that condomns fail a certain percentage of the time,
and that "net" may include the consideration of such

> Further investigation by the BBC revealed that,
> throughout the Third World, the Roman Church is
> hell-bent on keeping life-saving condoms taboo.

Yes, and should be replaced by a MORAL RESPONSE, not
more promiscuity.

> They've even gone so far as to float rumors that
> condom manufacturers purposefully infect condoms
> with the AIDS virus in a genocidal plot to thin
> humanity's ranks!

Right, I'd like to see the documentation on that one
directly implicating the Vatican. This claim is not
substantiated in the article, it's just thrown out
and the reader is expected to believe it.

> The Vatican has long held a hard line against
> artificial contraception, believing the use of
> condoms and birth control pills promotes a wanton
> debauchery amongst the sheep of the flock.

No, this would be a misrepresentation of what the
Church's position is on artificial birth control.
The Church opposes it because it corrupts the
natural gift of cooperating in procreation, as
God intended it to be. ANY artificial means to
deliberately attempt to suppress the Will of God
in one's life is immoral. THAT is the reason the
Church stands against condoms and other forms of
artificial birth control.

> But never before has the Church attempted to
> cloak its pointless moralizing in the gilded rags
> of junk science.

If Cardinal Trujillo's words are accurately reported,
then I'd have to agree. His words were "junk science"
and actually bring more criticism than good to the
moral stance of the Church. The Church stands on
MORALITY, not on SCIENCE, and the Church's issue with
condoms is NOT from science, but whether or not a
faithful Catholic should even be in the position to
consider using a condom!

> The World Health Organization was so worried about
> the Church potentially worsening an already rampant
> overpopulation and HIV infection problem that they
> issued a stern statement in rebuke: "These incorrect
> statements about condoms and HIV are dangerous when
> we are facing a global pandemic which has already
> killed more than 20 million people, and cur rently
> affects at least 42 million."

So, rather than just give immoral people a sometimes
effective security blanket, the WHO should be include
that MORAL BEHAVIOR is a GUARANTEE to END the problem
of AIDS! People who do not immorally participate in
"the marriage act" and do not participate in immoral
drug use DO NOT GET AIDS or pass it on!

> The official Vatican response was to label the W.H.O.
> as "a den of baby-murdering, condom-pimping
> Jesus-haters who will most likely burn in Hell for all
> eternity." In lieu of condoms, Cardinal Trujillo
> suggests Catholics protect themselves from HIV/AIDS by
> praying and donating money to the church in the name
> of Sheila, Matron Saint of the HIV+.

I SERIOUSLY doubt that the Vatican "officially" used
the terminology used above! That's pretty ridiculous
to think, but again, the source of this "quote" is not

Again, IF what Cardinal Trujillo allegedly said is true,
then he has brought needless criticism to the Church.
The "science" of this situation lies in the statistical
fact that absolutely NO AIDS would be transmitted if
people were moral. AIDS does not naturally occur when
morality, regarding "the marriage act" is practiced.

We don't need "facts" about condom usage or failure to
make the MORAL STAND that the Church has ALWAYS held.

Scott Windsor

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