Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Eleventh Day of Christmas

For the Ordinary Form of the Mass, today Epiphany is celebrated - the day the "Three Wise Men" visited the Holy Family.  Traditionally, Epiphany is January 6th - the day after the Twelve Days of Christmas.  On "Twelfth Night" we celebrate with "King's Cake" for we're celebrating the arrival of the "Three Kings."

One of the traditions of the King's Cake is to hide a little baby under or inside the cake, and the person who gets the baby (representative of the Baby Jesus) has added privileges and/or responsibilities - one "responsibility" could be that next year that family provides the King's Cake for Twelfth Night!  Some traditions use a coin or a ring as the "prize" found within the cake.  If you're using a plastic baby - I'd recommend NOT baking it into the cake!  Add it afterward!  (Lift the cake and insert from the bottom).


In the Extra-Ordinary Form of the Mass, today is the Holy Name of Jesus, the Sunday After the Octave of Christmas.

Some things to consider - and perhaps you can help prevent others from committing a mortal sin... (taking the Name of the Lord in vain is a mortal sin!).

When you hear a co-worker or someone use Jesus' name in vain, if you wear a hat - remove your hat and bow your head, then replace your hat.  When others see you doing this, if they don't know already, they may ask why you do that - and you tell them, it is out of respect for the Holy Name of Jesus.  Some may consider you to be a nut, most will likely respect you.

Someone says, "Jesus Christ!" when something goes wrong - you could ask, "What does He have to do with this situation?"

Someone says, "Oh my god!"  You respond, "No, my name is (your name).  While I appreciate the confidence/compliment you have paid me, I'm just (your name)."

Do you have more?  Add your comment(s)!  The more people around us that hear us respond respectfully when others are being disrespectful, the more we might be making them aware that they might be offending us, but more importantly - they are offending God.

Merry Christmas!

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