Saturday, January 08, 2022

Saints of the Day - January 8

 Well, there are actually many Saints for January 8th, I will select a couple:

 St. Patiens, Bishop of Metz

Saint Patiens is said to have been a disciple of Saint John the Evangelist, and to have been sent by him into Gaul. He settled at Metz, where he became the fourth Bishop. (Baring-Gould, 2014). Others put his feast day on November 12.

St. Apollinaris the Apologist

Of course, an apologist has to be on the list of the Saints I would select for today! 

He was a second-century bishop of Heirapolis, Phrygia. Held in high regard by other early saints including Saint Jerome and the historian Theodoret. Noted for writing a defense of the faith to Emperor Marcus Aurelius that reminded the Emperor of a miraculous victory that resulted from the prayers of Christian soldiers, and of his promise of protection for Christians. Worked and wrote against all the major heresies of his time, refuting them by logically destroying the heresy‘s philosophical roots. A prolific writer, though most of his work has been lost over the centuries. (Saint Apollinaris the Apologist, 2021).


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