Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Catholicism to Become Minority Religion in Brazil

In Latin America's largest country the Catholic majority may come to an end as early as this year according to a Wall Street Journal article.

While Pope Francis has visited Latin America more than any other previous pope, the Catholic Church is losing ground to Pentecostals. You can read the article for yourself here:

Clearly, these Catholics do not know their Catholic Faith - or they could never leave it! There is no Real Presence in Pentecostal worship services! As John 6:53-56 clearly and repeatedly teaches us, "unless you eat the Flesh and drink the Blood of Son of Man, you have no life in you."

You not only don't get this from the Pentecostals - you cannot get it from them! Even if they believed in this (which they don't) they have no authority to consecrate the Eucharist to become His Body and Blood. 

Catholics, COME HOME - before it's too late! Let's talk, shall we?



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