Saturday, July 03, 2021

The Dissertation Journey

 The dissertation process, which all my coursework up till now has been building toward, takes the next step, next week as I being the 900 level courses which are all about the dissertation. I have my committee in place (Chair, Content Expert, and Methodologist) so now we embark upon the finalization of the prospectus, proposal, research, and the writing of the report (the dissertation itself).

Image by Mario Zucca

I am completing my final 800 level course this week, which was a little out of order. I am in PSY-827, which should have preceded PSY-855 (where you get your committee assembled), and this was unknown to me (that it was misordered) until I was finished with 855. So, I had to take a break from my newly assembled committee and do one more course of "regular coursework" prior to jumping back into my dissertation courses. In the picture (above) by Mario Zucca, I have been on the Island of Isolation, of sorts, being disconnected from the committee, but again - that changes next week (July 8th, 2021, to be precise).

If all goes well, the process should be over by late December 2021 or perhaps by February 2022.

I will keep any interested readers posted as to how the process is going. Stay tuned!



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