Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sexagesima and the Fruitful Seed

In Matthew 13:18, Mark 4:13, and Luke 8:4-15. Jesus tells us of the parable of the sower who spread seed. Some of the seed fell on the path and the birds swooped down and ate it up. Some fell upon rocky soil, where the roots could not take hold and they soon withered and died. Some fell among thorns and as the seeds sprouted up - the seedlings were choked out by the weeds. Then some of the seed fell on good soil and it produced a great crop.

The seed is all good!  The seed is the Catholic Faith and the different soils are the different (types of) people who are given the Catholic Faith. For some, the Faith is given but they are unwilling to receive it and it is soon taken away (the path). For others, they receive the Faith - but they have not removed the obstacles (the rocks) and the Faith cannot flourish, and it dies. Similarly, some who receive the Faith are in a bad place and do not surround themselves with others who will help them - rather they are among those who will choke out the Faith when they see it growing. But for those who receive the Faith and are in good company, together they cultivate the Faith and help spread the Gospel to the world.

Which kind of soil are you?

In the Extraordinary Rite (Traditional Latin Rite) the Gospel this Sunday is from Luke 8:4-15 where Jesus tells the story above. As we prepare for Lent (in 2 weeks) we should be asking ourselves if we are the good soil - and if not, what can we do about it? Pray to the Lord to bring you into the good soil where His Faith, the Catholic Faith, can grow and flourish and that you too can be an apostle (one sent) to spread more seed and continue to grow His Kingdom.

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