Sunday, February 23, 2020

Cheesefare Sunday

Well, for the Orthodox this year Cheesefare Sunday or Forgiveness Sunday is not until March 1st, but in the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church, since their Lent aligns with the Latin Church, TODAY is Cheesefare Sunday!

What IS Cheesefare Sunday?

Cheesefare Sunday is the culmination of Cheesefare Week, which is the last week before Lent begins and for those who celebrate Great Lent (Eastern Rite Catholics and Eastern Orthodox), this is the last day to partake in dairy products, meat, and eggs until the Pascha - Easter Sunday. The Monday after Cheesefare Sunday then begins Lent for Eastern Catholics.

Forgiveness Sunday

Another name for Cheesefare Sunday is Forgiveness Sunday. On this Sunday at the end of Divine Liturgy, the congregation lines up to go before the priest and they ask the priest for forgiveness of their sins and he says "May the Lord forgive you" then he asks each member of the congregation for forgiveness and they, one at a time, ask the Lord to forgive the priest his sins too. In this way it symbolizes starting Lent with a clean slate.

Do not then, confront your neighbor in judgment - rather do so in a spirit of forgiveness. Especially during Lent - let your confrontations be in the spirit of love and charity - and not in judgment of one another. This sentiment is not just for Lent!

Adam and Eve Cast Out of the Garden

One of the themes for Forgiveness Sunday is the casting our of Eden of Adam and Eve, but the focus, rather than on their sin, is upon their reconciliation to and through Jesus Christ.

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