Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miracle at Lanciano

Lanciano, Italy gets its name from the centurion, Longinus, who pierced the side of our Lord while He hung on the Cross.  "Lanciano" means "the lance."  It is said that Longinus had poor eyesight, and after piercing the side of the Lord and being sprayed by the water from His side, he was healed - his eyesight restored completely.  After this Longinus left the Roman army and converted to Christianity.  He was later martyred for his faith in Cappadocia, and his feast day is celebrated on March 15th.  Let us take a moment to remember St. Longinus on this day.

In the year 750 a priest at Lanciano, Italy, after pronouncing the words of consecration of the Eucharist had a strong temptation to doubt the Real Presence of Jesus.  Before his eyes the Sacred Host visibly changed into a circle of Flesh and the consecrated wine transformed into bright red Blood, coagulating into five small clots, each different in form and size.

There have been four authentications performed on these consecrated Hosts throughout the centuries, with the latest being performed in 1970.  Microscopic studies document that:
  • The Flesh is real human flesh and the Blood is real human blood.
  • The Flesh is composed of cardiac muscular tissue (myocardium), having no trace whatsoever of any materials or agents used for preservation of flesh.
  • Both the Flesh and Blood belong to the same blood type, "type AB."
  • The proteins in the Blood are in the same proportions as those found in normal fresh blood. 
This on-going miracle can be seen to this day!  After more than 1200 years, without any attempt to preserve, the Host still appears rose-colored when backlighted and the five clots of coagulated Blood are a brownish-red hue, tending toward yellow.  
Cards relating information can be purchased through St. Joseph Catholic Radio:
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  1. I would like to find a holy card with the miracle of Lanciano on the back.  I have one but can't where to purchase them.   I would like to send them in my Christmas cards. 


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