Thursday, September 23, 2010

Answering Pro-Abortion

Image of an 8 week old baby.

I found this blog entry through cathmom5's blog, and the answers given in this discussion are quite good, so I want to pass along the link and hope you'll read through it too.

This reminds me of someone close to me who recently found out she was pregnant.  She had some definite "pro-choice" leanings... that is until she saw the ultrasound at 8 weeks!  Here is an actual picture from that ultrasound:
8 week old - ultrasound image
Now, you can't see what SHE saw during the ultrasound, but you can definitely see the head and body of her newly conceived CHILD.  What SHE saw was a BABY which was MOVING AROUND and REACTING to the stimulus of the ultrasound tech who was poking and prodding the sensor around MOMMY'S belly!  Upon seeing this and hearing the heartbeat of her CHILD, well, she's no longer "pro-choice" at all.  Her words, "How could anyone KILL that CHILD?" (emphasis mine).  The first image is not of the same child, but they are the same age.  It is amazing, and clearly human and if you could SEE it move, you could see it is ALIVE!

Speaking from my own experiences, being the biological father of 5 children (we've adopted another too), once that CHILD gets a little bigger and you can FEEL THE MOVEMENT (Mommy always gets to feel that before Daddy), there is just no denying how ALIVE and RESPONSIVE the CHILD is to not only Mommy, but to outside pokings from Daddy (and others) and even to noises from the world this BABY will soon be released into.

I hope this message reaches some out there who might have considered terminating the life of a young one within them, and that they have changed their mind.

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