Sunday, March 04, 2012

Limbaugh - Fluke

I don't want to use CathApol too much for politics - so when I have a political thought I will be linking to the a2zpolitics blog (which I also run).  For my view on the Rush Limbaugh v. Sandra Fluke hullabaloo, see link below:

This link also includes Rush's apology and the transcript of what Ms. Fluke said before Congress.

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  1. If a man can make a mountain out of a molehill, he can also make a molehill out of a grain of sand. We, His children banter & segregate ourselves when the times call for unity among believers. As evil grows in the shadows it builds within the hearts of those who stand in the light. The absence of light leaves the crows wings to appear bright. The church fears a loss of power, & from this fear, evil will be birthed. Adaptation is the rite of Men, the church is to guide; Not order. The people follow example, not ideas, not words as they are hollow when absent the love which first etched them upon paper. No man speaks for God, though God often speaks through men. For he who claims to rule by Devine rite alone will soon meet the fallen. The rite to lead men is but an opportunity gifted to a man. It is the manner in which he does so that defines divinity.


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