Wednesday, January 13, 2010

EENS Continued Discussion

The EENS Question (continued...)

I must emphasize again that whereas the teaching of EENS is dogma and hence cannot be denied - the "exceptions" are NOT dogma, and MAY be denied. That is why I do not condemned those who take the "rigorist" position, including Fr. Feeney. The REAL point though, with regard to the alleged "exceptions" is that NONE of them say anyone WILL be saved! They only say that some CAN or MAY be saved. God remains the Judge, as it should be.

There may be some whom those taking the "liberal" understanding would judge as "Invincibly Ignorant" and hope and pray for their salvation - BUT GOD, who knows their heart, may judge that they are damned, regardless of how any of us may feel.

What Stand Should Faithful Catholics Take?

Simply put, GOD IS THE JUDGE. That is our stance. Our DUTY is to preach THE WAY of Salvation which Jesus Christ established. Jesus Christ built His Church, ONE CHURCH, not countless denominations which disagree on many fundamental issues. We can in NO WAY be supportive of ANYONE who WILLFULLY remains outside the Catholic Church. For those who don't know of the Church and/or have never been given the opportunity to become a member of the Church, we need to leave those to God's Sovereignty - and stop trying to usurp His Throne/Judgment Seat. We can give NO ASSURANCE to ANYONE who remains outside the Catholic Church. When WE are asked about OUR FAITH we are to share the joy which is in our hearts and THE PATH which WE KNOW, and we need to do this with charity and understanding (1 Peter 3:15-17).



  1. Thanks Scott,
    for your civility and honesty in this subject. You have also given me so things to consider. I'll be back sometime later. I some work to do-- got to earn money too. :)
    Bill Strom


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