Sunday, June 10, 2018

Feast of the Sacred Heart

Friday, June 8, was the Feast of the Sacred Heart - a solemnity. Usually I like to keep track of Friday solemnities because the Friday penance is not applicable on a solemnity. It also serves as a reminder to everyone that there still is a Friday penance to be observed by EVERY Catholic! Before the 1960's that penance was the same for all Catholics around the world - EVERY Friday, not just those in Lent, we were to abstain from meat. Yes, it was changed back then - but it was not removed! Every one of us MUST still observer SOME sort of penance which would be equivalent to abstaining from meat according to one's episcopal conference (like the USCCB for Catholics in the United States). My point remains - if it must be equivalent to meat - why not stick with meat?! 

Another example too of things not being so "ordinary" this time of year - and we're only to the 3rd Week After Pentecost! By the post-conciliar "counting" this was the 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time, more on that in an upcoming post.

Next time I'll try to give notice in advance to a "Cheeseburger Friday!"
Another nice reason to recognize a "Cheeseburger Friday" is the fact that those who know you don't eat meat on Fridays may see you enjoying that cheeseburger, or steak, or other meat - and ask you about it. This gives you the opportunity to tell them why you abstain from meat on Fridays and why that particular Friday is different from the rest.


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