Monday, February 23, 2009

How Old?

Year -- Church --- Started by ----- Where?
33 -- Catholic -- Jesus Christ -- Jerusalem

1054 - Orthodox - Catholic Bishops - Constantinople

1517 - Lutheran - Martin Luther - Germany

1521 - Anabaptist - Storch & Munzer - Germany

1534 - Anglican - Henry VIII - England

1536 - Mennonites - Menno Simons - Switzerland

1555 - Calvinist - John Calvin - Switzerland

1560 - Presbyterian - John Knox - Scotland

1582 - Congregational - Robert Brown - Holland

1609 - Baptist - John Smyth - Amsterdam

1628 - Dutch Reformed - Michaelis Jones - New York

1648 - Congregationalist -Pilgrims/Puritans - Massachusetts

1649 - Quakers - George Fox - England

1693 - Amish - Jacob Amman - France

1717 - Freemasons - Mason from 4 lodges - London

1739 - Methodist - John & Charles Wesley - England

1774 - Unitarian - Theophilus Lindey - London

1784 - Methodist Episcopal - 60 Preachers - Baltimore, Maryland

1789 - Episcopalian Samuel Seabury - American Colonies

1800 - United Brethren - Otterbein & Boelin - Maryland

1827 - Disciples of Christ - Thomas & Alexander Campbell - Kentucky

1830 - Mormon/LDS - Joseph Smith - New York

1836 - Church of Christ - Alexander Campbell & Warren Stone - Kentucky

1844 - Seventh Day Adventists - Ellen White - Washington, NH

1844 - Christadelphian (Brethren of Christ) - John Thomas - Richmond, VA

1865 - Salvation Army - William Booth - London

1867 - Holiness (Methodist) - United States

1874 - Jehovah's Witnesses - Charles Taze Russell - Pennsylvania

1879 - Christian Science - Mary Baker Eddy - Boston

1895 - Church of God in Christ - Various Church of God groups - Arkansas

1850-1900 - Church of Nazarene - Various - Pilot Point, TX

1901 - Pentecostal - Charles F. Parham - Topeka, KS

1906 - Pentecostal - Azusa Street Revival (Seymour) - Los Angeles, CA

1902 - Aglipayan - Gregorio Aglipay - Philippines

1914 - Assembly of God - Pentecostalism - Hot Springs, AZ

1914 - Iglesia ni Christo - Felix Manalo - Philippines

1917 - Four Square Gospel - Aimee Semple McPherson - Los Angeles, CA

1961 - United Church of Christ - Reformed and Congregationalist - Philadelphia, PA

1965 - Calvary Chapel - Chuck Smith - Costa Mesa, CA

1968 - United Methodist - Methodist/United Brethren - Dallas, TX

1972 - Harvest Christian Greg Laurie - Riverside, CA


  1. Read with interest your claim that the Catholic Church was founded in Jerusalem in 32 ad. Would that be a reference to the Church we see established in Acts Chapter Two? Because if so that church and the Catholic have NOTHING in common. The message of salvation in that church was Repentance Water Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ for the Remission of Sins and the baptism of the Holy Ghost that all through the Book of Acts was accompanied by the sign foretold by Jesus in Mark 16 Speaking in other Tongues. That would NOT be the doctrine of the Catholic Church. It WOULD however be the doctrine of the Church of Acts chapter Two which today still spreads all over the earth in many many groupings organizations and assemblies, usually labelled Oneness Pentecostal. The claims made by Catholicism to be that church are every bit as false as the other deceptions and claims they have made down through the years including the now discredited but actually the foundation of their claim of supremacy THE DONTAION OF CONSTANTINE.

  2. Well, that would be 33ad, not 32ad. Traditionally speaking, Jesus had not yet been crucified nor risen from the dead - nor did the events of Pentecost take place, all of which are traditionally given to the year 33ad.

    That being said, the gift of tongues is not what typically transpires at Pentecostal churches. I've been there, done that. I've spent time in such churches, I spoke in tongues myself and had those tongues allegedly confirmed by someone others (more than one). IF it is some heavenly language, well, fine, but I'd rather pray with understanding rather than have some stranger tell me what I was saying/praying!

    That being said, "tongues" is only ONE GIFT of the Holy Ghost! There is absolutely NO REQUIREMENT in Scripture that upon Baptism in the Holy Ghost that you WILL speak in tongues! In fact, St. Paul stated that tongues was less important than love (charity). He also stated that tongues is only one gift, and to put more emphasis on that one over others is like saying, "Hand, I don't need you!" All gifts are important and not all have every gift! See 1 Corinthians 12 and then the first part of 13 too. Well, read ALL of 13, it's short and tells you which is the greatest.

    As for the claim about the Donation of Constantine (yawn) I have already answered that one quite sufficiently. Please see
    my answer to William Webster and James White.

    In JMJ,


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